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Hi, this is Craig Proctor, and if you will allow us, we will Transform Your Current Business into a Millionaire Agent Team in no time flat! That is exactly what my PLATINUM Level of the Craig Proctor System is all about. My PLATINUM members get an Exclusive PLAN and SYSTEM (not found anywhere else in the industry), as well as an additional hand-picked Coaching Team To Help You achieve this amazing level of success.
PLATINUM Members use this exclusive PLAN, SYSTEM, and COACHING TEAM to power their transformation into A Super Profitable Sales Team Business, Earning a High Six To Seven Figure Income, Without Giving Up Your Personal Life To Do It!
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What You Will Discover on This No Obligation One-on-One Briefing:
“If your business depends on you, then you do not have a business, you have a job.” – Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to do About It!  

From the Desk of PLATINUM Coach, Todd Walters, Co-author DEATH OF THE TRADITIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT.

My name is Todd Walters, Craig Proctor System PLATINUM Coach and Millionaire Agent Maker, and like you, I love real estate! I have hopes and dreams - and big goals… just like you.

The problem for agents who want to grow their business starts from the moment they actually get their license and they are battling this problem every day they go to work.

Think about it for a moment. You decide to get into the real estate business because you like working with people, you love real estate, want to make more money, and want to be your own boss. So, you get your license, you pick a real estate company, you show up and then - look around at what everyone else is doing and copy them.
And therein lies the PROBLEM!

Everything you do in real estate is copying someone else. EVERYTHING. What Craig and I want for you is to COPY MORE of what our top PLATINUM Members do.

We want you to continue to MOVE AWAY from the norms and standards of what most industry agents do. These ways ARE NOT pathways to super success. In fact, they are CAREER KILLERS.


The median annual gross income of Realtors is: $41,200.

First-year agents take home less than $9,000 a year on average.

80% of all agents do not make it past their 5th year.

95% earn under $100K.

99% earn under $250K a year.

0.6% of agents ever sell over 50 homes a year (a number required to earn over $300K annually).

Millionaire Agents? They are like Big Foot, UFO’s and Ghosts. You hear about them, but you never really see them (but they are out there. In fact, MOST are Craig Proctor System PLATINUM Members).

For many agents who make decent money, they find themselves working weekends and evenings—juggling all the balls themselves, racing around every day, all day, trying to be all things to all people. It's impossible for most agents to be at their kid’s ballgame and showing homes to a buyer at the same time. They are forced into cheating one of them. I didn’t sign up for that, and I don’t believe you did either.

Craig and I decided to do something about this and in 2004 PLATINUM were launched!

The PLATINUM LEVEL of the Craig Proctor System exists to solve those problems agents are facing today that make it hard to go from Agent, to Producer, to Team Leader to Owner of a Super Profitable Sales Team Business!

If you want to know what PLATINUM Looks like, Picture – THE PLAN, THE SYTEMS, THE MODEL, THE MENTORS, A SUCCESS CULTURE, PERSONAL WEALTH and BUSINESS BUILDING – all in ONE place – a Real Franchise Prototype, mega business in a box model.

We are SO confident of this – that any agent who joins Craig Proctor PLATINUM and does not add at least $100,000 in NEW ADDITIONAL INCOME to their business in the first 12 months, we will refund their program investment (simply copy and implement the plan).

It doesn't matter where you are with the Craig Proctor System, just getting started, selling 10 homes a year or 10 a week, if you want more than you are going to have to do something about it. Not WORK like a crazy person more… but work differently.

We created PLATINUM to give Craig Proctor System Members a ‘framework’ to achieve their hearts desire faster and easier. It is well documented that MORE Millionaire Agent Success Stories have been created here than anywhere else.

Ambitious Craig Proctor System Members who join PLATINUM gain access to the same PLAN, SYSTEMS, MODEL, COACHING and CULTURE that I used to go from college dropout, bankrupt, broke, living in my father in laws basement – to one of the top real estate agents in history, selling 400-500 homes a year, earning millions and millions in commissions. If I can do it… you can – as long as you are armed with the right stuff.
Growing a real estate business is complicated. We all want to get it right. We created PLATINUM to help!

Increasing Your Income by 300% or More Without Giving Up Your Personal Life to do it is the Key to Achieving Your Hearts Desire and it’s attainable only through Craig Proctor Systems PLATINUM Quantum Leap System and Culture!

See the Road Map to Exactly How to Increase Your Business by 300% or More Without Giving Up Your Personal Life to Do It!

Some of the things you will see on your Transformation Consultation:

  • Millionaire Agent Trade Secrets to Generate an Overflow of Pre-Sold Ready to Act Buyers and Sellers Predictably and Affordably, and Never Make a Cold Call Again!
  • How to Increase Your Current Commission Per Closing by 33% or More While Still Getting a Five Star Review from Every Client. 
  • How to Go from Busy Maxed Out Real Estate Agent to Super Profitable Sales Team without Giving Up Your Personal Life to do it!
  • ​The Copy and Implement Solutions to the BIGGEST Issue You face in Growing Your Real Estate Business!
  • The Step by Step Road Map to go from Agent, to Producer, to Team Leader, to Owner to Legacy!
- Sarah Reynolds, VA -
Continue to LEAN into this system and the people in it, there is truly NOTHING like this out there! 
#1 for KW Worldwide. 

PLATINUM Family, I wanted to post this NOT to brag but to ENCOURAGE you all that are laying the foundation for something amazing!! It took us YEARS, I mean YEARS to figure out how to help 100 families in one year, and we have already done that, this year, by March! 

I have been, and MANY of us have been RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep following this system; for us, this did not happen overnight. We had to lay the foundation, which took MANY years. 

Today I sit here, and I want to pinch myself at what it is today, but I had WAY more moments of doubt and wondering if we were doing the right things than I have had wanted to "pinch myself." I STILL have moments of doubt and wonder, trying to do what is best for our business and the many families that now work with us. 

We are all learning and growing still, but let's learn and grow together! Let's NOT GIVE UP! 

Continue to LEAN into this system and the people in it, there is genuinely NOTHING like this out there! 

You've got this!!
- The Turvey Partners, GA -
CPS PLATINUM is changing lives in so many amazing ways!!
We are becoming better agents (and people) day by day because of the outstanding systems and "top of the industry" coaching available at our fingertips. It is extremely rare to find people who are genuinely interested in your personal growth and success! People who will stand by your side, sharing with you all the knowledge and making sure that you understand and implement these game-changing, money-making tools and systems. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for sharing your Systems, coaching, wisdom, and ways in this familial way with us, and whoever else is ready to grow their business by Quantum Leaps & enrich their lives and everyone around them.
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